Sandy Beaches


If sandy beaches is your thing then you will be truly spoilt for choice!

Sandy Beach

Located just to the south of the site is Rerwick Beach; a lovely secluded beach which can be accessed by foot using a track that extends from the south end of the Rerwick road.  Should you choose to walk to the beach, please remember to close all gates and take care not to disturb livestock particularly during the lambing season.  Rerwick beach is one of the best places in Shetland to view seals who often haul out on the beach in large numbers.  Seals are protected species and are vulnerable to disturbance so if they are hauled out, it is best not to venture on to the beach.  In any case, the best place to view seals hauled out on Rerwick beach is from the B9122 road above the beach which not only gives a great vantage point but will also ensure the seals are not disturbed.

Shetland Beaches

There are a number of other more accessible sandy beaches nearby including the breathtaking St Ninian’s Ayre, located approximately 1.5 miles to the north, which is the largest active tombolo in the UK.  About 2.5 miles in the opposite direction is the equally beautiful Scousburgh Sands and just next door to that you will find Spiggie Beach; a small but enchanting beach set in a stunning landscape.

The south mainland is blessed with many other high quality beaches including Maywick Beach, Quendale Beach, West Voe Beach, Grutness Beach and Levenwick Beach, all of which are within easy driving of Shetland Glamping.

Levenwick Beach